12 Pretty and Chic Holiday Hairstyles

If you still have no idea about how to take care of your hair for the upcoming holiday, we can provide you with several great ideas. Apart from all kinds of parties, evenings and other celebrations, we can have a relatively relaxed condition on holiday. This is also a perfect time for you to try out some simple yet chic hairstyles you’ve been dying for. All of them will be very easy to make and absolutely gorgeous.

12 Pretty and Chic Holiday Hairstyles
Twisted Ponytail/ImaxTree

A sleek pony can give out a fresh and youthful look for the wearers. To get this classic twisted ponytail, you can pull your long sleek hair into a low pony first and wrap the rest part around its base to cover up the thin elastic.

12 Pretty and Chic Holiday Hairstyles
Subtle Volume/ImaxTree

The vintage styled bouffant hair can be worn for any hair textured women. Its slicked swept-back style brings out tons of glamour with a subtle notched side part. You can create such a hairstyle like this by backcombing your hair backwards at the crown.

12 Pretty and Chic Holiday Hairstyles
Slicked-Back Bun/ImaxTree

This sophisticated slicked bun hairstyle can make a radiant look for any woman in a formal occasion. If you are going to pair it with a long glamorous evening dress, you can scrub some shine serum along your long tresses to get a more glowing and luscious effect.

12 Pretty and Chic Holiday Hairstyles

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