It’s hard to keep up with what exactly how our favorite celebrities are wearing their hair, especially when they seem to chop and change their looks so regularly. If Rihanna is your image inspiration and you want to take her photo into your salon to copy her look, it would be no use if you could only pull up photos of her umbrella bob days circa 2008. But don’t worry! Here at Pretty Designs we have searched high and low to find the very latest hairstyles that your favorite actresses, singers and Kardashians are sporting for 2016.

15 High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 2016

instagram @beyonce

It’s impossible to have missed the huge noise Beyonce has made with her groundbreaking new visual album, Lemonade. What’s even more difficult than that, however, is keeping up with Queen B’s ever changing hair styles. It goes without saying that she looks perfect no matter what locks she’s rocking. Recently she’s been seen with blonde braids and tousled blonde beach waves. But the most up-to-date look we’ve seen Bey with is this long, sleek and dead-straight style she wore to the Met Gala.

15 High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 2016


Rihanna is another star who never seems to stop coming out with new, exciting looks. This comes as no surprise considering that Bad Gal Riri (as she likes to be known) is famous for being a totally creative free spirit with her music and image. Lately she has donned a severe and dramatic bob for her Harmony Korine directed video, Needed Me. But most recently, the Bajan performer has been seen giving tribute to deceased legend Prince while sporting chic and relaxed mid-length black hair.

Katy Perry
15 High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 2016

instagram @katyperry

Katy Perry has been through her fair share of quirky looks throughout her career. From fluorescent blue wigs to candy floss pink victory rolls, she never looks anything less than totally glamorous. Nowadays KP has gone back to the look she rocked in the early days of her career and is once again sporting jet black hair. The only difference is that the pop princess has ditched the pin-up girl waves and the full fringe. Instead she now often wears it up, like the classy style seen in this instagram pic.

Kylie Jenner
15 High Fashion Celebrity Hairstyles 2016