16 Bob Wedding Hairstyles


Something that every bride wonders is, how should I wear my hair for my wedding? You want a style that looks fresh and current, yet at the same time is elegant enough for such a special event. Without further ado, these are the latest wedding hair trends for brides.

Every couple of seasons, there is a big shift in the hot styles for wedding gowns, bridal beauty, accessories, and the like. The most recent bridal shows definitely presented a different approach to bridal hairstyles than have been prevalent over the last few years. The messy, tousled look is out, replaced by a much more polished and classic approach to styling hair. Personally, I am all for it, as the current hairdos are much more glamorous and pulled together than their beach-messy counterparts. With one of these chic new hairstyles, you will look every bit the gorgeous woman ready to get married, and the look will be just as appealing in your photos twenty years from now as it is today. (Not so much the deliberately messy styles of the last few years, which will prompt many a bride’s future kids to one day, ask why she did not brush her hair for her wedding!)


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