The straight hairstyles will look way too elegant and graceful when compared with the wavy hairstyles. Their simple style and look made them very popular and welcomed among those young ladies. If you are a girl born with fine and thick hair, the straight hairstyle will flatter your natural hair texture to its most. Today, let’s take a look at 17 amazing long straight hairstyles for women with our pictures below!

When it comes to long straight hairstyles, the stylish short layers will be an essential part for them to look perfect. Layers of different lengths will make your hair look much interesting and edgy-chic. By the way, their flattering chin-length will help to frame the both sides of your face at the same time. To get a more fabulous look, you can also go for some stylish bangs to compliment your overall style.

17 Amazing Long Straight Hairstyles for Women