Those girls who are born with the round faces should really feel lucky as the round shaped face will show you really cute and lovely. What’s being more important is that the round face will always give you a sweet and youthful look along the time compared with other face shapes. And you’d better opt for those hairstyles which will be able to elongate your face. Today, let’s take a look at 17 pretty hairstyles for round face girls!

If you want to wear the classic bob haircut, it will be a good idea to make it as choppy as possible. Those short length layers and irregular cut ends can give a better proportion for your face look. This is also an important rule when you are considering having short pixie cuts or long hairstyles too. Besides, the stylish bangs can also do you a great favor at this point, especially for those long side piece bangs.

17 Pretty Hairstyles for Round Faces