Popular Short Hairstyles for 50+ Women

When choosing a flattering hairstyle, women over 50 usually look their best with something that keeps the focus on the upper face. This means hair should not be longer than chin-length as this will emphasise any down-turned lines on the face.

In addition, if your hair is thinner than it used to be, a short style makes it far easier to create texture and volume with no long lengths weighing the hair down.

So here are some of the best short styles for 50+ women modelled especially for you by these well-known celebrities!

Short bobs for women over 50

Here are three great examples of women over 50 who know how to use the basic bob style to create a face-flattering and fashionable look.

20+ Short Haircuts for Women Over 50
Meryl Streep Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 50 /via

Meryl Streep looks effortlessly elegant with a style that is stacked at the back to give a trendy ‘bump’ of volume at the back. A trendy style with defined lines stops gray hair from being ageing and makes it a modern and eye-catching hair-color choice!

20+ Short Haircuts for Women Over 50
Diane Keaton Hairstyles for Women Over 50 /via

Diane Keaton looks great with her casual layered bob. The chin-length bob flatters almost everyone and with tapered tips for texture and layering, this is a casual, pretty and easy-style choice for fine hair.

20+ Short Haircuts for Women Over 50
Dame Helen Mirren Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Dame Helen Mirren is definitely a hair icon for women over 50 and this bob style is cut to emphasise her lovely cheekbones. And with the hair casually pushed behind one ear, makes the perfect place to show off a pair of stunning earrings.

Flicked-up shaggy styles for women over 50

These three short cuts all have trendy textured ends to give a contemporary touch and emphasise the flicked up layers.

20+ Short Haircuts for Women Over 50