2015 Choppy Bob Hair Cut Ideas


Short choppy haircuts make a bold statement. Choppy bob hair cuts are basically a smash of disconnected layering with a messy touch and a fabulous feel of movement. The best part is that though choppy layers usually create a rocker type of look, they can also look soft and girly. So depending on how you style your hair you can create more than one look. They are perfect for a completely new fresh impression. In fact, this bob cut is one of the leading tendencies in today’s short haircuts especially since lots of face types, hair types and textures can wear this look. The secret is how you tailor the cut to your texture for easy styling and maintenance. For thin hair, one can get a boost from extra volume created with point-cut ends. However, for thick hair, one can transform it by removing weight resulting in fabulous shattered effect look that promotes movement. Here are the best five 2015 choppy hair cuts for both thin and thick hair;

  1. Short Wavy Choppy Bob Cut


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