2016 is all about looking extra cool and extra stylish. All the trends that were in vogue last year will not be seen in 2016. Whether being the dresses, accessories or hairstyles this year it is all about looking classy and elegant. Many actresses are known for their fashion sense and are considered as fashion goddess. They owe many brands and are conducting many fashion schools as well. Among such famous personalities Naomi Campbell is among those top three fashion women who got much appreciation due to her style.


Naomi Campbell the fashion diva

Naomi Campbell was a famous actress, model, singer and author of 80’s.She joined the industry when she was sonly 15 years old and since then she is known for her fashion sense. She is known for her changing haircuts. When she started her career she adopted the blonde chic look and from there the blonde hair came into the fashion. Later on, in 2000 she was seen in numerous hair do and among them the one that got appreciation was the messy buns.


Now this is 2016 and she has again transformed her looks and now the style or the hairstyle she has adopted is the bob haircut. This haircut is seen gaining publicity in the west. Naomi Campbell bob hairstyle influenced many ladies all across the world to chop down their long hair. It would not be wrong to say that many women across the world are inspired by the fashion sense of this woman.

2016’s Top Haircut-Naomi Campbell’s Bob Hairstyle_3.jpg

Bob hairstyle

Bob haircut looks very stylish on long and short bangs as well. All those pretty ladies who are thinking to get a new hair cut then wedge bob or the straight bob are included in the top three haircuts for this year. Naomi Campbell was first seen in her bob haircut when she hit the NAACP award show. She decorated her bob with bright white orchids.

Bob haircut goes with any kind of the makeup and dress. If you have short bob then pairing it up with jeans and sweat shirt will look absolutely cool. Naomi Campbell has short bob with little bangs and she carries her dress that goes with her looks. That is the reason she is known as the fashion goddess because she knows how to change her looks with time and how to carry that. Whether it the formal award shows or the casual party Naomi Campbell has rocked he floor every time with her hairstyles and dresses.


Hairstyles of 2016

Naomi Campbell bob hairstyle is the top haircut of the 2016. Gone are those days when long sleek straight hair were in fashion because this year Naomi’s bob has taken the place. You can also dye or streak your bob with matte colors like maroon, burgundy, chocolate brown or honey color. Naomi Campbell has jet black hair and her bob looks absolutely tremendous. Let’s wait and watch that what next she has to present to the world.