3 Awesome Karlie Kloss Hairstyles
Smooth blowout

Create a deep part for your hair and blow-dry them in different sections. A paddle brush would do you a great favor to get a desired shape to frame your face during the blowout.

3 Awesome Karlie Kloss Hairstyles
Textured updo

Pull your soft tresses back into a messy bun and tease the front sections gently to add lift for your hair. For a polished and refined effect, use your hands to define this hairstyle with hair products.

3 Awesome Karlie Kloss Hairstyles
Tousled waves

This is a medium hairstyle that will make you look very sweetheart with its soft, tousled waves. Hot iron you hair in large sections when they are still wet to get natural waves and textures for your hair look.
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