Ribbons are one of the most easiest and useful hair accessories for women. It can be used to decorate a simple pony or a low bun. For those girls who are having long flowing hair, you can wrap a silky ribbon around your head as a headband. This is a simple way to keep your hair out of the way when you are busy with doing something. Besides, you can incorporate a colorful ribbon during the braiding to add more details for your final style.

4 Beautiful Hairstyles with Ribbon
Ribbon in the braid

Braiding your hair with a ribbon is the easiest way to get a stunning look for your hair. Fix it with one main part of your hair and braid them as usual.

4 Beautiful Hairstyles with Ribbon
Ribbon as a headband

This wide, leather ribbon acts just like a headband for this sleek straight hairstyle. It can be also helpful when you want to have a messy-chic side bun.

4 Beautiful Hairstyles with Ribbon
Ribbon in the updo

A colorful ribbon can add different pretty colors into an updo hairstyle. You can braid it with your hair to create this flattering style.

4 Beautiful Hairstyles with Ribbon

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