When you look at bob hairstyles, you will see that it has remained popular for years. Since the 1950 until now, the hairstyle has remained the toss of many people including celebrities. This summer 2015, you may try out some hot bob hairstyles that will turn head wherever you go. One good thing about this hairstyle is that it is so easy to style and looks well on people of different ages. No doubt, by now, you are curious to know various bob hairstyles you can put on anytime. The choices are many; however, we will look at some of them you can decide to wear anytime.

Side Sweep Bob: This bob style is very popular right now and will remain so. In fact, it has been popular since inception. This style is best suited for women who are endowed with naturally straight hair. Some women who are willing to blow dry their hair straight will find this style appropriate. Side sweep bob features hair that is mainly all one length. Most of the time, the front of the hair is cut longer than the back. With this style, there are no bangs. But, there may be some long layers. In addition, the style is distinguished by a side part and hair that is blown or lightly curled. Do not confuse Side Sweep with the kind of bob hairstyle that flips out. This type of style is outdated. Side Sweep bob is quite subtle and many women can get haircut that will make this style to be done naturally.




Long Bang Bob: This type of bob hairstyle can be very long or short under the chin. If short, it will stop around the ear and if long, it will come right under the chin. Sometimes, it may appear that there is no bang on the woman, but the bangs are present. The bangs may be swept to the side. And there might be some thin layering. However, this is not permanent as there might not be any layering at all.



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