Let’s face it – short hair are adorable! They make you look 10 years younger and even more chic and trendy! Not to mention, they save you the trouble of styling your hair every time you have to step out of the house. Bob haircut is so easy to carry and that’s why it is the most widely-worn style that works with each and every outfit! Bob hairstyles were meant to give you that cute, boyish look. So let your hair down (literally) and have some fun with a bob! Here’s how:

  1. Start by sectioning the hair into the standard seven-section parting – Luckily, there is a standard technique for sectioning the hair in preparation for haircutting taught by cosmetology coursesas part of the state licensing board’s requirements for cosmetologists. This is referred to as a 7-Section parting. The scalp is divided into seven sections: top, right side, left side, right crown, left crown, right nape and left nape. In addition a one-half inch band of hair is left to hang loose around the perimeter of the hair line.


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