Whenever one is on the hunt of a new haircut, style or even a color inspiration to give one’s look a complete and appealing transformation, the best place is to look up to Hollywood actresses. They are the perfect role model to copy or imitate. One that can be imitated blindly is Ellie Goulding, the former Cosmo cover star.


Famous for her real thick lustrous long blonde hair, she provided the bob craze quite a credibility by chopping of the long tresses to a cool and super sexy long bob hairstyle which was first spotted on her Instagram page. Providing authenticity to all catwalk and red carpet statements of short being chic, Ellie’s long bobs have given her an incredible look which gives her sensuality a whole new dimension.


  Ellie Golding lob haircut definitely is more chic and lends a new sophistication to this sporty performer. Giving it a side parting with a soft blow out, the look was a far cry from her long blonde hair usually worn loose and adorning her face. With a floor length glittery dress with plunging neckline and matching strappy black heels, she certainly turned heads and reminded many of her friend, Taylor swift. Can anyone really be blamed for drawing inspiration from her looks!