The lovely Emelia Clarke looks effortlessly beautiful in this feminine, soft bob hairstyle. If you have been considering getting this cut for yourself, continue reading. It may be just the hair style for you!

If your hair is naturally straight, then this style would likely be a very easy one for you to maintain with minimal effort. Like Emelia, you could simply part your hair, brush it, pull one side behind your ear, and let the other side overlap. This is a perfect every day style for work or school, and it requires almost no maintenance.

Not all hairstyles will work well with every facial type. For this Emelia Clarke bob haircut, oval, square, heart, and long faces wear it best. If you typically look better with longer hair, than this probably isn’t the cut for you.

Overall, these Emelia Clarke bob hairstyles are very easy to maintain and work well with most women. If you want to try a new cut, but don’t want to do anything too extreme, then this is the style for you. Wear it straight for a casual, every day style, and wear it in soft, loose curls for fancier occasions. Either way, you’ll look awesome!