Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponHaving a thick hair makes an individual feel confident and same has been proven from various researches conducted. The issue becomes a lot sensitive for people who have thin hair and the problem persists within both the genders i.e. males and females. Even women suffer from this and they constitute around 40% of the population suffering from the problem.

Individuals tries various remedies to get rid of the problem i.e. they take the help of medicines, laser devices, hair transplantation etc. but such methods are either very expensive or can have side effects on individuals. Hence individuals who say that my hair are thin, what should I do to make it thicker? Then perfect solution for them is to adopt natural remedies and thus enjoy results of the same.

Tips to make thin hair thicker
Coconut oil massage

My Hairs are Thin, What should I do to make it thicker?

Individuals living in India or Sri Lanka often use coconut oil on their hair and get a proper massage done on their head. This oiling is leads to various benefits because of the features embraced within it.

Quality of hair of such individuals is incomparable, and it is because of the presence of Lauric and Capric acid in the oil.
These acids prevent hair from microbes which causes hair fall.
Along with it, it also provides Vitamin E and other acids which keep the hair moisturized.
Hair is also protected from the root thus restraining any kind of breakage.


My Hairs are Thin, What should I do to make it thicker?

Amla is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and other flavonoids. Eating this can give various health benefits to an individual and one can also apply it.

The Amla should be applied on scalp and it prevents your hair from breaking or getting gray at an early age.
The acids in Amla, nourishes the hair and also gives it right amount of nutrition which is required for keeping the hair healthy.
One can even prepare Amla oil at home by boiling Amla along with coconut oil.

Ayurvedic shampoo

My Hairs are Thin, What should I do to make it thicker?

According to Ayurveda, three herbs are very essential for hair and can lead to good volume and shine in the hair and hence such ingredients should be used to get a perfect hair.

The herbs are Reetha, Amla and Shikakai. Reetha works as a cleanser which cleans any kind of microbe present within hair and also nourishes it to give it a natural look.
Also Shikakai is very effective for the scalp as it helps in maintaining the PH level in hair and also maintains the content of natural oil within hair.

Hibiscus oil

My Hairs are Thin, What should I do to make it thicker?