The Most Popular Bob Hairstyles

As most of us know bob hair is a stylish and popular hair all over the world. As some of the celebrities prefer bob hairstyle people who admire them also want to have bob hair like them. So let’s have a look what are the favorite bob hairstyles and which celebrities prefer what kind of bob hairstyle: Rose Byrne prefers parted blunt end bob hair. This is a side parted bob style with the addition of blunt ends and front blunt fringes. This is exactly a party look. We see Ashley Simpson with her great graduaded bob hair. This style is really awesome for this lady. That is not much to talk about this look as it deserves all compliments. Frankie Sandford’s feather pixie bob hair is worth seeing. We must admit that much confidence needs to carry this bob hairstyle and this lady has it all. When we look at Scarlett Johansson’s asymmetrical choppy bob hair we see so comfortable and cool look. Daringness is essential to cary this style, isn’t it? We see an example of classic bob hair on Katie Holmes. If you don’t like too garish look, classic bob hairstyle may be great for you. You can see how traditional look makes a lady so cute and perfect with classic bob hair.

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