Selena Gomez clearly enjoys a huge fan following as evidenced by the number of internet sources where every style of her is discussed. So it’s hardly surprising if every hair style she adorns become the latest fashion craze and females go clamoring to copy it off. The bob cut have been taking this fashion season by storm but when Selena adorned it, it became authentic and confirmed. Check out how she parted with her sinfully gorgeous long shiny locks to join the short hair fashion bandwagon of bob cut.


Making a dramatic change from long curly hairstyles, Selena Gomez layered bob hairstyle was mid-length and simplistically beautiful. In an Instagram photo, we see the layers framing her round face beautifully and lending it a surreal beauty reminding of Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ of the 90’s. Accessorizing it with shades and a fur coat with a snap caption gave a brand new grown-up sexy new look to the star.

At another instance, the locks were side parted and blown fluffy to embrace her face warmly such that her round face looked so much smaller and cute. It gave her the perfect casual look with its innocent appeal that its popularity and craze was hardly surprising.