Bob haircuts embrace a typical fashion trend ever since it had been introduced in 1909 by an eminent stylist Antonine in Paris. Although it was not trendy for a couple of years however in the 1920s, the popularity was heightened to indicate the freedom enjoyed by women.

Nicole Ritchie, Katie Holmes, Emma Roberts, Emilia Clarke, Michelle Williams are only a few celebrities who wear the bob in recent times. Without a doubt, Bobs are finding their way back in the style industry as they are fast becoming a trend.

In today’s fashion world, Bobs are of different types, suiting both the traditional and modern trend. The classic or traditional style consists of the common types such as short, chin, and long bobs. Short Bobs are in a straight style with layers that creates a crispy look to thin hairs.  Long bobs are cut into layers in a deft manner and are perfect for oval face. Chin-length bobs are usually cut to the jawline making them a little shorter at the backside. This type is the appropriate choice for round face, and it provides a shiny and longer appeal to the structure.

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NICOLE RICHIE NEWS: Nicole Richie : The return of the BOB!

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Nicole Richie Messy Bob / make up tips - Juxtapost

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