2016 is here, and for you short hair loving ladies, bobs are in, and they couldn’t be more fabulous. In particular, a lot of women are really rocking short bobs at the moment. Here are a few of the most popular short bob hairstyles in 2016.

1. The Pixie Bob

Short in the back, this bob has an adorable Tinker Bell cut that just frames the face so well. If you have blonde hair, then you might love the soft, feminine look of this style. It is also a great style to emphasize any highlights or low lights, too.

2. The Long Short Bob

Okay, the name might sound a little confusing, but this bob is so cute and just perfect for you if you are thinking of getting a bob, but don’t want something as dramatic as a pixie cut. The hair falls right at the chin line, and it is great for those of you with wavy or straight hair.

3. The Shaggy Bob

Similar to the pixie cut, the shaggy bob is different in the fact that it slightly longer in the back, and has a dramatic, perfectly angled part in the front. If you have lighter hair, or hair with multiple different colors, then you will probably find that those colors reflect light with style and make it stand out more.