Victoria Beckham is one of the celebs who leads to hairstyle trends, and most of the people follow her. Although you hate and love at the same time, you can’t help doing the same hairstyle with Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham’s  Bob hairstyle is also one the style that you want to have.

Victoria’s Beckham’s bob hairstyle has a classic cut, but it looks modern, too. It has this paradox, and it is the best side of her bob, and it is called Posh Spice Bob. Its sharp angular style and modern look will fascinated everyone who look at.

Beckham also had another bob styles, but the other most popular one is short curly bob. Victoria Beckham’s curly short bob is shaped nicely so that it shows movement and texture. You can choose the best-pick for yourself. The reason why Victoria Beckham is loved by so many people is that she chooses very well-matched hairstyles for her facial features.

Victoria Beckham Haircut(2011)