Bob Haircut

Bob haircut is a short hairstyle for women. Hair gets cut straight around the head at the level of jaw. But this is just a typical bob hairstyle. There are also so many kinds of bob hairstyles such as Chinese bob, a-line bob, shaggy bob etc.

Which Bob Haircut is best-pick for you?

   Having bob hairstyle is so easy and well-matched for most of the women. But you have to find which bob style will look good on you. Every women want to look so pretty, and bob hairstyle may give you that desirable pretty look, as long as you find the best bob style for your face and body. While you are choosing suitable bob haircut for yourself, you should take consideration into your face shape. For example, if you have thin and long face, short bob haircut may look better on you. But if you have round-shaped face, your hair may be cut at the level shoulder, so it shows your face thinner than it is, and looks so natural. While deciding to your bob haircut, you should also consult your hairdresser for the best result. Ask and decide together with your hairdresser, and you will find you’re the best-matched bob hairstyle for you.

How to Care Your Bob Haircut?

bob haircut-7

  One of the reasons why bob haircut is preferable by so many women is that care of bob haircut is easy and so practical. You can easily give shape to your hair by foam or hair dryer.

For short bob haircut, you may trim the splits once in two weeks, and for long bob haircut, you may trim the splıts once in six or eight weeks. As long as you do the care for your bob haircut, you will always keep the first cut effect and brightness.

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